The toilet vs. the swimsuit

A couple of days ago, I had the kids in the front yard and as I was watering the flowers I was also turning the hose on them.  They thought this was great since it is the closest thing they have come to a swimming pool yet this year.  Aida suddenly had to go potty.  She was wearing a swimsuit and since it was wet, she couldn’t get it off.  I showed her the art of peeing through her suit in an emergency situation.  (It was about to happen anyway… may as well let her do it on the toilet.)

Last night the neighbor girl gave her a brand new, hand-me-down swimsuit, pink, of course!  She insisted on wearing it today in leu of clothes.  While we were eating lunch today, she announced that she had to poop.  She ran in the bathroom by herself as she usually does.  After a few minutes, we all hear her call out, “I pooped in my swimsuit!”  I thought she meant there were tracks because she couldn’t get it off in time. 

No such luck… I walked into the bathroom to find her sitting on the toilet with her swimsuit still completely intact as it was when she left the lunch table.  She had not even attempted to pull it down.  Sure enough, she had pooped in her swimsuit. 

Maybe next time I should give her a science lesson on the difference between liquids and solids…



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2 responses to “The toilet vs. the swimsuit

  1. You write interesting posts. I like it 🙂

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