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Discusting Filth

I just saw my very first roach ever this morning.  It crawled out from under my kleenex box to say good morning while I was making coffee.  I am repulsed!  I know that my house is messy but now I feel gross.  It was before 6am this morning.  I screamed and jumped back like 10 feet.  I’m suprised the kids are still sleeping!  Then brave Derick came in and killed it for me.  MY HERO! 

Does anyone know what to do?  If I saw one, does that mean I have thousands lurking around my cabinets?  Do I need to call an exterminator?  My stomach is still churning!  I grew up with mice and spiders all my life in the country, but this is a new experience for me!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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The toilet vs. the swimsuit

A couple of days ago, I had the kids in the front yard and as I was watering the flowers I was also turning the hose on them.  They thought this was great since it is the closest thing they have come to a swimming pool yet this year.  Aida suddenly had to go potty.  She was wearing a swimsuit and since it was wet, she couldn’t get it off.  I showed her the art of peeing through her suit in an emergency situation.  (It was about to happen anyway… may as well let her do it on the toilet.)

Last night the neighbor girl gave her a brand new, hand-me-down swimsuit, pink, of course!  She insisted on wearing it today in leu of clothes.  While we were eating lunch today, she announced that she had to poop.  She ran in the bathroom by herself as she usually does.  After a few minutes, we all hear her call out, “I pooped in my swimsuit!”  I thought she meant there were tracks because she couldn’t get it off in time. 

No such luck… I walked into the bathroom to find her sitting on the toilet with her swimsuit still completely intact as it was when she left the lunch table.  She had not even attempted to pull it down.  Sure enough, she had pooped in her swimsuit. 

Maybe next time I should give her a science lesson on the difference between liquids and solids…


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I don’t want to clean

Today I have a very long list of things to accomplish.  But I don’t want to start, thus I blog.   Its much more fun to sign on here and write about nothing, than to dig in and clean my filthy house.  For all of you waiting on updates about Derick’s deployment, we won’t know anything probably at least until he goes to drill in a week and a half.  And, this month he has to go back to Fort McCoy, WI so he will be gone all weekend again.

We are in the midst of our first week of summer break.  I think I love it more than the kids do.  And we really haven’t done anything yet.  I’m finding it very difficult to stay in my usual routine of getting up at 5am to read  my Bible and pray.  The good news is that Derick and I are getting up together at least by 6 and spending a little time together praying.  Rachel gave us a book we are going through from Family Life Today that is very helpful.  Actually, we traded books.  We, for some reason, had 2 copies of “Love and Respect” and she and Isaac had 2 copies of “Moments with You”, so we traded and now we have one of each.  Its very helpful for us though, because even though we like to read our Bibles and pray together, we have a hard time discussing anything.  This book gives us a topic to discuss that relates to our family and our kids.  It is making us more proactive, or at least think more proactively about how we want to raise our kids and how we want to be involved in their lives.  We want to guide them in life, not just let life happen to them.  We want them to avoid the mistakes that we made.  Between the 2 of us we made some doozies!  But, hopefully we have learned enough to show our kids how to avoid those.  I guess their decisions are ultimately up to them but I don’t want to ever look back and be forced to say, “If I had only told them about this area of my life, they might not have made that choice.”

Kids, unfortunately, don’t come with an owners manual.  I guess that’s ok, because there could never be one generic manual for all kids.  Each one is so different.  The closest thing there is, would be my Bible.  Sometimes it feels like so much work to really find out how God wants us to act in a certain situation with our spouse or our children, and even more work to actually carry it out.  And, what will work for one child, probably won’t work for another because they all have such completely different personalities.  So, how do I handle things like “not picking up your toys”.  Christian’s reason would be that he genuinely didn’t think about it or just got sidetracked and did something else.  Aida’s reason would be because she didn’t want to do what I asked her to do, probably because I asked her to do it.  Same offense, different motivation, therefore it needs to be different consequences.

I am intrigued to see what kind of personality our new baby will have.  How will his attitude about “picking up your toys” be different from the other three?  How will I approach this little boy as compared with the other 3?  I think in different ways, parenting gets easier and harder as you get older and more experienced.  I have certainly learned from the things that I didn’t do early on, especially with Christian.  I think the best thing I ever did for him was get married and give him siblings!  But he was already 3 when that happened, and so I felt like I was 3 years behind on some of his training.  So, of course, with Aida, I started much earlier, and even earlier with Allyn.  Now I am realizing that some child training has to begin pretty much at birth because their personalities are set in the womb and if you don’t get a handle on somethings now, you never will.

Well, the little rascals are all awake now so I guess I better stop.  Good day to you all!  And happy child-rearing to all (3 of) my parent readers.

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