South America – Day 185

Yes! I figured out the day for my blog title. No, I still don’t have a computer. It still turns on but has a black screen. I counted the days from my last numbered post to get the title of this one. I’m lying awake on my parent’s couch at 545am. My sister Kendra came home from Japan last night so I came out here to see her and sometimes its just a hassle to load up and go home at night, without Derick. My little boys had a rough night last night and this is the usual time I get up at home, so I thought I’d blog a little. Allyn has been sick for the last couple of days and I don’t think Brody has been feeling very well either. They both slept on the living room floor, close to me last night. Christian is staying pretty healthy and Aida had one day that she didn’t feel well but got over it quickly. I stayed home from church on Sunday because I just didn’t want a repeat of last fall. From the time Derick left until New Years, my kids were almost continuously sick. NOT FUN!! I am not interested in doing that again! Right now I am praying for complete healing before next Thursday. I want us all to be 100% when we pick up Derick from the airport!

Next Thursday!! I think its ok to tell people now. He’s coming home on Thursday, March 4. He is a reservist, so he should be home for a couple of years before he has to leave again. The plan is for him to start school in the fall and go straight through until he finishes his Master’s Degree in Divinity. Hopefully it won’t take more than 4 or 5 years. And hopefully, getting deployed again won’t put him behind. I’ve heard there are some schools he can go to and finish his Bachelor’s at the same time as he is getting his Master’s but I’m not sure how that would work with the grants and stuff he can get from the Navy. We’ll see how it all works out. If God has called him to this, then God has a plan! We just have to wait and see what it is.

My mind has been racing for the last few days. All I can think about is Derick’s return. I can’t believe its been six months already! In some ways it feels like it was a very short time and in other ways it feels like six months or more. Sometimes I think about things that have happened and I have to remind myself that Derick wasn’t here when that happened. Like, when the group from Church came and painted our garage. And, when my sister moved in and we cleaned out the basement to make room for her. When Derick left, the garage and the basement looked terrible. (Well, right now the basement looks terrible again but its easily cleaned up.) But when he comes home they will both be new and beautiful to him! Our bedroom is another example and the kids rooms. I think all the bedrooms were disastrous, but not anymore! Even if I left all the decor the same and just cleaned the house, it would be a welcome surprise to him because of all those things that have been done throughout the whole six months. I just can’t wait till he is here and I can’t seem to think about much else!

One more thing, he will be flying into the Peoria Airport. I don’t have a time yet but anyone is welcome to come and see him arrive. Its pretty exciting to see our military come home!


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