South America – Day 122

It is 5:30am and Christian is finally sleeping… I think.  I’m pretty sure he has an ear infection.  I gave him Motrin last night and at about 3:00 this morning he was back in my room because the Motrin had worn off.  So, after listening to him toss and turn for about an hour, Brody woke up and wanted to eat.  (Maybe that means Brody will sleep in now… fat chance.) I sat in bed feeding  Brody and listened to Chritian saying over and over in almost a sing-songy voice, “It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.”  It must have been some pretty intense pain to wake him up in the night.  I remember him coming upstairs and asking me something, but I don’t exactly remember the conversation.  I remember telling him he could sleep in my bed if he wanted, but beyond that I just remember feeling him toss and turn and hearing that sing-songy voice.  After I fed Brody I gave Christian more Motrin.  That was at 4:10.  Then he saw me check something on my phone and he asked if he could play a game to get his mind off the pain.  Sure!  Whatever you need to do!  So, he sat in my bed for an hour playing brickbreaker until the alarm went off at 5:00.  I came downstairs and poured a cup of coffee.  I had just got settled on the couch and I heard the sound of footsteps above me.  Here comes Christian, complaining that he is scared upstairs. (Scared?? Seriously??)  So now he is sound asleep next to me, on the couch.  Finally!  I’m supposed to finish my Christmas shopping today but honestly, after last night… er… early this morning, I’d rather take a nap!

I have been so disinterested in Christmas shopping this year.  I know its because Derick’s not here.  That is something that we always did together.  I think sometimes we even had the kids with us while we shopped.  I remember last year, going to Target (at the last minute) with kids in tow to get Christmas presents for the kids.  One of us would pick out a gift for a child while the other one would take said child to another part of the store so they wouldn’t see the item being purchased.  It worked!  They were all suprised when they opened their gifts!  As of this weekend, I am officially done shopping for my kids.  I just have to shop for extended family members now.  I’d love to hire someone to shop for me!  Any takers??

Today is Tuesday, coffee tuesday to be exact.  Ever since Derick left for bootcamp, my sister-in-law, Rachel has been coming to visit me on Tuesday mornings.  We sit at the table and drink coffee until we are ready to pop.  Nevermind that we each drank a pot before she came.  There have been periods of time that we took a break.  When my Bible Study is going on, they meet on Tuesdays, so I’m not available.  Or sometimes Rachel has things going on too.  Last summer my sister Carrie started joining us.  My grandpa calls it “sistering”.  My grandma gets together every Thursday with all of her sisters and they go “sistering”.  So, now it is a family tradition.  My mom goes “sistering” and I go “sistering”.  Maybe its known as sistering when you have more than just one or 2 sisters.

Well, I suddenly have 3 sick kids this morning so I better close this blog and take care of them.  There is no better medicine better than mommy’s loving arms when you are sick.


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  1. Liz

    Awww… sorry, Leslie. There’s nothing worse than having your babies sick. Hope that they get well quickly, so you can enjoy the holidays!!

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