South America – Day 114

Today Derick has the day off so hopefully I’ll get to talk to him a lot.  Yesterday was such a busy day that our usual afternoon Skyping was put on hold.  I didn’t realize til last night that I would get to talk to him today.  I was so sad last night, like I was supposed to do something really important and I didn’t get it done.  Then he called and told me that he’ll be available all day today and that just made everything better. 

 This weekend really went very smoothly and was quite enjoyable. I met Mark and Jill Savage at MOPS and Diane came to clean Aida’s room for me on Friday.  Saturday the kids all wrote “letters” to send in a package to their Dad.  And Saturday afternoon I made cookies.  The kids were supposed to help but about half way into mixing up the dough, they got bored and left the room.  This is one of the many difficulties that I have as a single parent.  I have to learn to put anything aside and go tend to my children.  Whether its cooking, feeding Broy, cleaning, or watching TV.  As much as I don’t want to, I have to be able to put it down and deal with things all by myself.  At the same time, I have to be able to ignore things that would normally drive a person crazy.  For instance, if I hear Aida and Allyn in the other room while I am feeding Brody, I need to be able to determine what is important enough to interrupt Brody’s meal.  If one is terrorizing the other or blatantly disobeying me, that is enough to make me put Brody in his seat, get up off the couch and take care of things.  If, on the other hand, I am cooking dinner and I hear them screaming and laughing in the other room and an occasional crash (followed by more screaming and laughing) I will probaby contiue cooking and worry about cleaning up their mess later (or coaching them to do it later). 

Anyway, back to my weekend.  Late Saturday afternoon, Aida and I went shopping for things to put in Derick’s Christmas package.  He probably won’t get it on Christmas but I just got his address last week so I think he’ll understand.  I asked Aida and Christian what they wanted to get for him.  Christian, of course, had his heart set on a video game, which I vetoed again, stating that they are expensive and I don’t know what is worth playing.  So, he said he wanted a coloring book and crayons.  Aida wanted to get him a puppy.  So we got a little stuffed dog.  Aida also found a set of Disney Princess Dominoes that she wanted to get for him.  She and Derick like to play dominoes on Skype.  I don’t know if she really understood that the box held dominoes, but she definitely saw the princesses!  And what would a sailor in the US Navy want more from his daughter for Christmas than a set of Disney Princess Dominoes. 

It was an adventure taking a 3 year old to Target during the Christmas season!  She wanted everything.  If I had a nickel for every time I said, “We are not shopping for us, we are shopping for dad.”, I’d have an abundance of money for Christmas!  She finally had a total melt down in the book section when we were picking the coloring books.  I put her in the car and went directly to the checkout.  There, she demanded that the cashier give her a sticker.  When the sticker was produced I demanded that she say thank you.  She didn’t, so I gave the sticker back to the cashier.  At that point she started screaming and thrashing.  Which invited a trip to the restroom.  Fortunately, no one was in there at that moment.  (I know that giving her a much-needed spanking isn’t abuse, but not everyone sees it that way.)  When I came home, we made spaghetti, took baths and got ready for bed.  And, I am pleased to report that part of this bedtime routine was picking up Aida’s room (she changed her clothes at least 6 times on Saturday) and the living room.  They both looked fabulous by the time the kids were in bed.

Sunday consisted of hair cuts for the boys (I think I must be out of my mind), Church Christmas Programs, Piano recitals, and dinner at a friends house.  A very busy day!  A good day, but a busy day!  My kids were on their best behaviour at the recital!  I was so proud of them!  I asked my grandpa if he noticed, he said no, but that’s good.  If he had noticed, it would have been bad.  

For now, though, its time to get the kids out of bed and start the day.  The coffee is gone and the sun is up.  Good morning, world.  Hopefully, I’ll get to talk to Derick for a long time today.


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