South America – Day 93

It is just after 6am on Monday morning, and Brody is laying in bed crying.  I want to see if he will go back to sleep, but I’m afraid he won’t.  Until just this week, we was sleeping until about 8:00.  I’m not sure what changed.  I think maybe he doesn’t feel good.  Aida has been doing well with her sleeping habits though.  I’ve decided that I need to forego the naps in the afternoon.  Maybe I should tell them that they have to go to the basement and play for at least an hour by themselves in the afternoon.  I like the quiet time, but I also like them to be tired at bedtime.  The afternoon naps seem to be making them want to stay awake longer in the evening.  If I had to choose, I choose and 8:00 bedtime with all kids asleep by 8:15. 

Ususally, I am of the opinion that the house is the most quiet in the morning, before the kids get up.  But for the last couple of days, it has been in the evening, after bedtime.  With no naps ( 😦 ) they seem to fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow.  And now, with Brody waking up early, its definitely bedtime that is the quietest.  Most nights I use that time to straighten up the house.  That is… unless Derick calls me.  He seems to call most often at bedtime.  And since its an hour later in Cuba, than it is here, it really should be his bedtime too. 

So, what to do with my mornings.  I’ve been trying to follow the routines on, although quite unsuccessfully.  I am getting into a routine… just not as good of a routine as I’d like to.  I seem to have a really hard time getting out of bed as early as I need to in order to go straight to the shower.  Flylady’s routine is to get up and make the bed as soon as you are out of it, then get dressed all the way down to your shoes and then start in on your day.  When I get up, I head straight for the coffee pot.  So, my routine usually involves getting up and making coffee, spending time in prayer, reading my Bible, or writing on my blog page, (sometimes a combination of the three.)  Then, if I have time, I take a shower before the kids wake up.  If not, I do it after Christian goes to school.  Then I start my day.  Today, it will probably be after Christian goes to school.  I forgot to set my alarm and I just happened to wake up at 5:45. 

I keep hearing on facebook about my friends that are doing all kinds of running.  I miss running.  I haven’t been running since I found out I was pregnant with Brody.  Derick and I started running a little bit together, a luxury that we don’t often get to indulge in.  But, then I got pregnant and immediately didn’t have the energy for that.  I should have just gone short distances to work at keeping in relatively good shape.  Now I am sooo out of shape.  I have been walking a couple of times since Derick left, but its just hard to get away sometimes.  When I do get a chance to get out, I want to just keep going.  It may sound torturous to some of my friends (family mostly) but I love it.  I can’t wait til Derick is home and we can run together.  I think I would like to work at running longer distances.  I’m not sure how far.  I’m not gonna say marathon distance or anything but maybe longer than the typical 5k run. 

I love to work out.  Of course, right now you would never know that by looking at me.  I know that most people’s lives are too busy to work out… they just have to make time to do it.  I should add that into my flylady morning routine… a little workout.  I’ve been thinking about moving Brody’s bed downstairs to the boys room.  Then I can get up and do whatever workout I want, in my bedroom, without worrying about waking anyone up.  He’s been sleeping all night for about 6 weeks now. (Praise the Lord!)  And he goes to bed at about the same time the others do.  Maybe I’ll put that on my to do list today.  My friend, Katie, is coming to help me, so I could have her work on that for me.  We’ve been working on getting a lot of things cleaned up and rearranged while Derick is gone.  My brother has been helping me with my blog page.  Maybe when we get it all done, I’ll post some pictures.


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