South America – Day 89

Today is Derick’s birthday.  One of the many special days that we will spend apart this year.  Sometimes I feel like I should be devistated.  Other times its just another day.  Of all the 89 days that he has been gone so far, the special day that I really wished he was with me was Veterans Day.  Last year, I remember driving to PCS for some reason.  Maybe Christian was late, I don’t remember.  Anyway, there was all kinds of memorials and flags and everything outside the school on that day.  They were getting ready to hold a special Veterans Day Chapel Service.  I wanted to stay but Derick didn’t want to go except in uniform.  I really wished that Derick’s uniform had been ready for him to wear.  But, it was dress-blue season and his dress blues were missing his rate among other things.  So, we decided that this year we would go and he would dress in uniform.  Well… maybe next year (again).  I went with my mom this year.  I was teary the whole service.  It made me miss him so much!  What an honor it is to be married to a U.S. Navy Seabea! 

So, anyway, today is his 34th birthday.  He got the birthday present yesterday that I sent to him.  The main part of the gift was a pair of running shoes.  I took his old shoes to Running Central and they set me up with the updated version of the same shoes.  My goodness!  I had no idea that his shoe were so pricey.  Mine were expensive but his were outrageous.  Its a good thing I know they do PT 3 times a week, and he’ll get a lot of use out of them.  I told him they are for running only!  I didn’t pay that much for a pair of running shoes for him to wear them to play sand volleyball!  I think he was pretty excited.  He tried them on while I was on the phone with him last night and told me they were great!  Maybe I’ll get myself a pair of running shoes for Christmas.

Actually, I spent some money on myself last night.  I got a new phone.  And it is one that I can instant message Derick on when I am away from my computer.  I got a Blackberry.  I’m not sure I need this complicated of a phone, but either way it is definitely gonna take some getting used to it.  It was actaully pretty inexpensive (compared to some phones).  After the mail-in rebate, it will be $50.  I can handle that!  Besides, its pink! 🙂  How could I ask for a better phone! 

Well, for anyone curious, Aida slept in her own bed last night.  Actually, that’s not true.  She slept in the boys room.  I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to convince her to sleep in her own bed, all by herself, at least until Derick is home.  She told me that she wanted to sleep in my bed until I told her that I wasn’t going to bed for a while.  Then it was ok to sleep in the boys room.  But she made sure that she had the baby monitor that I bought yesterday on her bed.  Christian has bunkbeds and Allyn is still in a crib, so there is an extra bed in there.  Well, now the extra bed is in Aida’s room.  If I ever had to have a babysitter spend the night at my house, they would be sleeping in the best bed I own!  Aida’s bed is so comfortable!  Makes me jealous!  Someday Derick and I will have a bed as good as Aida’s!  I went to bed a little nervous but I slept like a rock! 

I woke up this morning to my old phone’s alarm clock going off.  Aparently I forgot to turn it off.  Not only that, but it was downstairs!  I should have stayed up.  But I didn’t.  I went back to bed and layed there for another half hour, kinda dozing.  Then it was really hard to get up! 

Today, I will be potty training Allyn again.  I think I am getting through to him.  He is realizing when he is peeing.  Now we just need to direct him to pee in the toilet.  I bought him som big-boy unders yesterday.  He thinks they are pretty cool!  It would be nice if I could convince him to pee in the toilet just by telling him not to get Spiderman wet.  But, so far that hasn’t exactly worked.  I need patience today.  I need God to direct him to the toilet! 🙂


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