South America – Day 76

The time has finally come for me to pick out my very own cell phone.  I have only done this one other time in the 8 years (give or take) that I have had one.  The last time I picked my own, the phone turned out to be junk, and Verizon was pretty reluctant to help me replace it.  Well, the phone that I had been using finally gave out.  I got a used phone from my exhusband’s friend and although it is better, it certainly isn’t something I want to continue to use for an extended amount of time.  I would like to be able to use the phone to get online so that Derick and I can chat even when I am away from my computer.  I was looking at the Samsung Omnia, but my friend that works for Verizon recommended waiting til today to get a new phone so that I could get the new DROID.  It looks like a great phone, but I’m not quite sure what makes it better than the Omnia.  He said its easier to use.  This is the kind of decision that I don’t like making on my own.  Anything having to do with electronics, I’d rather someone make the decision for me and then just tell me later what I’m getting.  I’ve had trouble with my computer lately.  I sure hope I don’t have to replace it any time soon!  I would have no idea what to get!

I really hate electronics.  I am a hard-copy, land-line kind of girl.  I know I can adapt.  Most people can, when the situation demands it.  I just don’t want to. 🙂  I miss Derick today.  With Derick around, I don’t have to know this information.  I could just ask him, and chances are he has already done the research before I even thought about asking him. 

This weekend is my sister’s school play.  Its a mistery dinner theater.  I’m supposed to do hair and makeup for it.  I love doing hair for plays.  It is a little stressful though, because there is always a limited amount of time to get a maximum amount of work done.  I have so much on my mind right now, I’m having a hard time sorting through it all to blog about it.  I’m supposed to come to the dress rehearsal without my kids.  I just found out about that this morning so I had to volunteer my mother really quick to babysit for me.  Tonight is my grandma’s birthday party.  I need to gather clothes for today for my kids to get dressed.  And then some pajamas to put on before we go home so I don’t have to worry about that later.  Plus, Christian needs clothes for the whole weekend to spend with the Jolliffs. 

I’m gonna try to make soup for the party, but I have to soak the beans first.  And then cook the chicken.  Its always the busy days that I could use his help, that I feel his absence most accutely.  Or doing things that I would just rather do with him instead of by myself.  Or things that I would rather he just do for me, so I don’t have to… like picking out a new phone.  Maybe I’ll just call Verizon right now and get it done.


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