South America – Day 74

It has been a week since I posted anything, I think.  I have been getting up early in the morning and doing my Bible study lesson, and in the evening I’ve been trying to get into a routine in order to take better care of myself and my house.  It is a slow process but hopefully I’m startng to form new habits.  Last night and this morning, however, I have been feeling like poo.  I have been fighting a cold for the last week or so, and this morning I woke up with the most horrible headache.  I’m sitting here dringking my coffee and it seams to be subsiding.  I really hope its not a caffiene addiction.  I know I drink way more than I should, but to wake up with a headache that bad… makes me want to give it up right now.  

Derick has a phone in his apartment now, so I have gotten to talk to him a little more often.  Yesterday, I only got to talk to him for a couple of minutes.  I was on my way to a friend’s house and he wanted to know if  I could get online so we could talk on Skype.  I wish I could have.  He was really disappointed, and I felt bad that I couldn’t.  But my friend, Dana, graciously volunteered to watch my kids while I got my hair done and then spent some one on one time with Christian.  We went shopping for Derick.  Actually, I think I’m gonna save some of what we bought for Christmas.  I got way too much stuff.  He doesn’t usually read my blog so I can say what I got.  If he does… well… we can’t keep secrets from each other anyway, when it comes to gifts. 🙂  Christian and I went to Running Central.  Coolest store ever if you are into running!  These people are die-hard runners!  They watch you run down the block and then have you try on about 6 pairs of shoes to make sure that you get into the right pair of shoes for running the distances that works for you.  I took Derick’s old running shoes to them and they guy looked them over and told me that his shoes in his size were actually on sale!  Yay, for me!  Then Christian told me he wanted to get dad a game for his computer.  I, very gently, vetoed that idea, stating that Dad doesn’t get on his computer that much in Cuba and I wouldn’t know what a good game was if it smacked me in the nose.  Video games do not interest me in the slightest.  So, we decided to find him a book instead and maybe a civilian shirt.  Christian suggested Star Wars books or Transformers.  So, we went to Grand Prairie to shop at Old Navy and Borders.  Christian found a Star Wars t-shirt at Old Navy, and I found a nice blue shirt on the clearance rack.  Christian informed me after that, that we did not need to get Dad a Star Wars book, since we had the shirt.  So, then we went to Borders.  I convinced him that Derick would rather have a Harry Potter book.  So, we got the forth book in the series, and a couple of birthday cards and went to check out.  As I’m getting ready to pay, Christian asked the clerk if he had any Transformer books.  They guy said, “Yes I do.”  To which Christian replied, “No, I mean do you have any in the store, not you.”  Even though the guy was probably only 19 0r 20, and looked the type to have a few cartoon-turned-action-movie-turned-books in his own personal collection, he just smiled and said, “Yes, I have some at the store.”  So, we left our Harry Potter book at the counter and went back to look for a Transformers book.  We got a copy of “The Revenge of the Fallen”  and we also got a “World of Warcraft” book called “Rise of the Horde”.  World of Warcraft is his all-time favorite computer game.  I hate it, but then again, I hate most video games. 

Anyway, about the time we got in the car to go get the little kids, Derick called and wanted me to get online.  😦  Even if I went straight to Dana’s house and came straight home, I wouldn’t have been able to talk to him.  He’s not usually online that long.  He always has to be with another sailor.  He said its 100% accountability.  They don’t want them wandering off to do whatever questionable things their little heart desires.  Last night he and his roomie were going to the library to get online.  And when one of them is ready to go back to the room, that means the other one has to wrap it up quick, cuz they can’t sit there by themselves.  I think he has a Seabee class tonight so if I talk to him it’ll probably be a short, late conversation over the phone, not on Skype. 

My sister is living with me now.  That seems to be going pretty well.  I need to do some cleaning in my basement so that its a better living space for here.  On Labor Day, some of my friends came over and helped me do a bunch of cleaning.  They had all the toys organized and put away in the basement… or I should say, on one side of the basement.  The other side had Derick’s computer desk and scattered papers and junk.  So, my parents and Kendra and her friend, Erika came last week to clear out the junky side for her to set up her room.  A lot of the junk got moved to the toy side.  So, now I need to clean the toy side again.  Plus, the laundry room is down there and it seems to be expanding.  Pray for me as I develope these new organiztional skills (habits).  Its hard to learn things at 32 that I should have been doing since the age of 5.  Oh, well.  Any amount of trying has to be an improvement right??  So, anyway, she lives with me now, and not really to help me out, but more to have another adult in the house.  She does help, and I try to help with her dog too.  Adult conversation is just so amazing when you don’t get it everyday.  If anyone ever wants to come over and have adult conversation over a good cup of coffee, I’m always game.  Just let me know!


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