Day 74b

I am the most unorganized person I know, I think.  Well… maybe not, but if anyone reading this is unorganized, I’m sure I could give you a run for your money!  So, today I thought I would write out some of my personal goals.  Partly so that I won’t forget, and partly to give myself some accountability.  I want my kids to learn from an early age, how to take care of themselves, their things and their space (room, car, eventually house).  This list may not make sense to anyone but me.  Its just my random thoughts of what I want to accomplish in the next 4 months while Derick is gone. 

1.  To lose 25 pounds and 2 pants sizes.  I have a whole basket of clothes that aren’t that small but just small enough that I need to put some effort into getting to that size again.  And, I feel so much better physically when I lose the weight and am in better shape. 

2.  Organizing my basement.  This is a multi-step plan so, here goes:

      a.)  Wash, dry, fold and put away all of the laundry that is down there.  Start using the shelves that I bought just for that purpose.  Then remove all the other junk out of the laundry room. 

      b.)  Put the toys in the appropriate bins to provide some semblance of organization.  It is so much more fun to play with toys when you have all of the parts.  Aong with that I think I want to put the bins on shelves so that I don’t have a bunch of boxes sitting around waiting to get dumped.  This would also provide more floor space on which to play. 

      c.)  Get rid of the excess things in the basement.  Highchair that is too big for my kitchen, the rugs that are rolled up in the corner, the stereo and table that it is sitting on, and whatever else that needs to go to the mission for someone else to enjoy. 

       d.)  I have a small kitchen table that I got from my great grandmother that’s currently in pieces in the basement.  It would fit much nicer in my kitchen than the one that I have.  I need to bring it upstairs to the kitchen and take the one that is in the kitchen to the basement.  I want it down there so that the kids have a place to do their art projects and play games that is not in the middle of me fixing dinner.

       e.)  Along with d, I need to set up a place to store art supplies and games.

       f.)  I bought Derick a ping-pong table last week at a second hand shop.  I need a place to set that up.  He also has a dart board.  It is hanging on the wall right now, but I want to make sure that is where it is going to stay. 

       h.)  I think I need to have one small toybox in each bedroom, since Kendra’s room is in the basement.  That way she can have her privacy when she’s home and I can still send the kids in the other room to play. 

3.  I need to get my finances in order, in other words, I need to be disciplined about putting myself on a budget.  We aren’t hurting anymore but I’m just not as organized and frugal as I’d like to be.  I tend to go back and forth between total self-denial and self-indulgence.  I’m having a hard time finding the middle ground, where I am taking care of myself and my family but I’m not going overboard.  The one thing I have in my favor is that bills are the priority, I just have a hard time saving, beyond the bills. 

4.  I want to get into the habit of at least picking up after myself every night before I go to bed.  And teach my children to do the same.   

5.  I miss running and biking.  So, it would be nice to fit that into my schedule too, even with it getting colder.  I guess this one goes along with number 1, as far as losing weight. 

6.  Make freezer meals that my family can pull out and eat at least once a week.

Well, that’s all I can think of right now.  This is a boring post.  Its more for my benefit than anyone else’s.  But, I felt the need to write these things down and my blog page was handy, so I’m posting it.  I’ve been getting on the FLYLADY website and that has helped but if anyone has any tips, I’m open.


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