South America – Day 59

Wow!  I can’t believe its been over a week since the last time I posted anything!  I’ve been spending every evening that I have free talking to Derick on Skype.  And if I can’t do that I’ve been vegging out in front of the TV after the kids are in bed.  I’ve just been too tired to try to write anything coherent.

Derick and I have been trying to talk on the phone for the last 15 minute but I think our total talk time has been about 3 minutes.   Neither one of us has a good signal and the call keeps dropping.  I need a new phone so bad.  I think I can get a new one for a discounted rate in December.  I’m such a tight-wad though, when it comes to phones.  I want the free one that has no features.  And the only things I do with it is call and text.  No internet, no fancy ring tones, nothing extra.  I hate paying $100 for our two phones, anything more than that would make my stomach hurt!  I am kind of excited to see the new phone that Verizon is coming out with.  Its their answer to the iPhone.

I’ve been thinking about my mother-in-law a lot lately.  I miss seeing Bill and Bonnie.  I miss them for the kids.  My kids have had continuous colds for the last month.  I can’t take them to see her with runny noses and coughs.  I feel bad for not seeing her.  I need to at least call her.  She has made it through 2 chemo treatments, and after 4 treatments she can have the stem cell replacement surgery.  So, that is scheduled for around Thanksgiving.

What’s really been weighing on my mind is how to pray for her.  I was praying for healing.  I really do think that if she is going to recover from this, it is going to take an act of God.  But, God has been showing me that I need to be more concerned about her relationship with Jesus than her physical healing.  If she is following Jesus, then when she gets to heaven she will have a perfect body with no sickness or disease.  But, if she isn’t, then physical healing isn’t going to matter much when she leaves this earth.  So, I have been praying, instead, for Bill and for Bonnie to pave a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. 

Derick is flying from California to Cuba on Thursday.  Of all the things that I could worry about, he is not one of them.  He will be working inside the prison, where the inmates are, but I don’t worry at all about him.  I have no doubt in my mind that we are exactly where God wants us to be right now and God will take care of my husband.  Hopefully after Thursday, I will be able to write more.  We will only be able to talk on Skype.  His cell phone will be shut off. 

It appears that I have a lot on my mind.  Honestly, God has been taking care of things for me.


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