South America – Day 50

Wow!  I can’t believe its been 50 days since Derick left.  He still has 11 more til he gets to Cuba.  I was just talking to him tonight about the base at Guantanemo Bay.  He said its one of the largest US military bases in the world.  He said it has to be because the people that are stationed there, can’t leave the base.  Everything is there on base.  All the shopping, all the entertainment is right there.  That would be cool if I could visit him there… a nice tropical location.  He said the weather is supposed to be in the 90s while he is there.  Must be rough!

Last night was my sister, Katie’s annual birthday bonfire.  To which she invites everyone she knows.  It was too cold for me though.  I didn’t leave the house once I got to my parent’s house.  I just looked out the window at the fire.  My kids, on the other hand, couldn’t stand being inside.  They also couldn’t stand keeping their coats on.  Aida finally was confined to the house when I discovered that she was outside without a coat or shoes.  Allyn was confined to the house too, but that was because I don’t trust him to stay out of the driveway, and I don’t trust 45 teenage kids not to accidentally hit him with their cars.  They hated it, but like my sister, Carrie, said, “I’d rather have you mad than dead!” 

Today was a really good day.  My house is still a wreck but I have help coming tomorrow to help me with that.  I think Allyn has a doctor appointment tomorrow too.  So that’s good that she’s coming, so I won’t have to take the other kids with me.  Today was the first day that I really felt fully able to function since I came home from California.  I was afraid to take Aida to see Derick because I didn’t know what her reaction would be to coming home again.  I should have been more worried about myself.  I had a really hard week.  I don’t know what it was.  I think I just felt very acutely alone.  I feel it everyday, but last week was harder than normal.   Anyway, today I felt like a real person.  I wasn’t just floating through the day.  It also helped that my children weren’t out of control today.  I got up and showered before any of them got up.  They got up one at a time.  So, I fed and bathed them as they got up.  And we made it to church on time today.  Brody slept during church and lunch.  I had good conversation with several people.  And someone sent me home with a meal for my freezer.  Then we all took naps this afternoon.  We went to a friend’s house for dinner tonight.  I had to stop at the store on my way there and I did it with all 4 of my kids in tow.  And no one had a melt down in the store.  We had a great time at my friend’s house.  And the babysitter put my kids in their pajamas for me, so they all went right to bed when we got home.  Just an easy day.  I need one of those sometimes.  I think the Lord just blessed me with a low stress day.  Thank you, God!  Now its time for me to go to bed.  Good night, world!


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