South America – Day 44

Aida is in my bed tonight.  I took her with me to visit Derick in California in hopes that it would help her symptoms of missing her daddy.  While they don’t seem to be worse, they have certainly returned in full force upon our arrival in Illinois.  So, I’m experimenting.  Last night she wet the bed again.  Tonight she is wearing a diaper and sleeping in my bed.  What do you do when you know you are in God’s will, but your world seems to be crashing around you anyway?  I just told Derick that I think that this is the hardest thing I have ever done, being a single mother with my 4 children right now, at this stage in their lives.  How do you tell yourself that everything will be ok?  How do you tell your kids that Dad’s gonna be gone for a while every couple of years but he still loves you, he’s not abandoning you?  Even thought I know that, I don’t know how to make sure that they know that. 

This past weekend was wonderful!  Derick’s liberty started on Thursday instead of Friday, so he rented a car and picked me up from the airport.  (Tiniest airport I have ever seen is in Oxnard, CA, by the way…)  Then when I was supposed to take him back to the base on Sunday night, he called and asked if he could spend one more night and come back in the morning.  They said that was fine.  So, every night he stayed with us.  Friday and Sunday we basically stuck around the hotel and relaxed.  Saturday we went to Disneyland.  We stayed at the Embassy Suites on Mandalay Beach in hopes that we could walk to the beach one day.  Unfortunately on Sunday (the day we saved for the beach) it was so windy that the sand pelted us in the face and the water was too dangerous to swim in. 

I want so bad to tell you all about my trip and how wonderful, but my day today keeps clouding my mind.  It was all I could do to get everyone to Bible Study this morning.  But I had to, I know I need the study worse than anything right now.  Today, Beth Moore talked about Esther fullfilling her destiny in the midst of a personal crisis.  I can totally relate.  I feel like God wants to do something really big in my life, but I feel like its just really lousy timing, personally, for me.  I know God will reveal it in his time, I just hate it when God’s time and my time don’t line up. But, when does that ever happen, I guess. 

Wednesday Morning – I know you all want an update on my vacation.  Really there isn’t much to tell.  Friday we stuck around the hotel.  In the evening we went out to eat at Red Robin and went shopping for a swimsuit for Aida.  She already has about 20 but of course I couldn’t remember to bring one with me.  So, Derick found her one more at Sears.  It was marked $17.99 but when he went to pay for it, he discovered that it was 90% off.  So he paid about $2.00 for it with tax.  Derick and I have a tradition of getting dessert in our room and, ordering a movie on pay per view whenever we get a hotel.  We decided to do that on Friday night.  We ordered room service (cheese cake, and creme brule’, Mmmm…) and started watching “The Proposal” and pretty soon here comes Aida.  (We had a suite, so she was sleeping in a separate room.)  She just wanted to be close to us.  So, I shared my dessert and she watched the movie with us.  Probably not a great movie for a kid, but I figured most of the jokes would go over her head anyway. 

Saturday, we went to Disneyland.  My goodness, it would take 2 or 3 days to get through everything in that park.  I told Derick at the end of the day, that if we ever had a lot of money to spend on vacation, it would be fun to take a Disney vacation… stay at a Disney hotel, visit all the parks, etc.  We probably walked 10 miles I think.  My feet were so tired, and it was work to stay awake long enough to get us back to the hotel.  It was so fun though.  We took Aida’s picture with all the princesses.  And I got my picture taken with Princess Aurora, (my favorite princess!)  We also spent a lot of time in Tomorrowland.  It’s where they display all the futuristic and robot type things.  Star wars, Toy Story, Space Mountain.  That was pretty fun too.  We took Aida’s picture with the Jedi’s and with Darth Vader, but she said she didn’t like the “red faced guy”.  (Darth Maul)  That night we ate at ESPN Zone.  It was really cool, but I was so tired!  I would have enjoyed it more if I had been more awake! 

Sunday was another lazy day at the hotel.  We did go outside long enough for housekeeping to come make our beds.  That was the day that we had planned to take Aida to the beach.  We didn’t expect to swim because it just hadn’t been warm enough.  But she wanted to so bad, hence the swimsuit.  So, she put on her suit, and Derick and I put on our long pants and jackets and we headed down to the beach.  It didn’t take us long to figure out that we couldn’t get near the water because of the wind.  So, I sent Derick down to get a couple of pictures.  Then Derick took Aida in the hot tub, so she could still say she went “swimming”. 

That night Derick called his fire team leader and got permission to spend the last night with me and go back to the base in the morning.  I think that was the best part of the vacation… just sleeping in the same bed for 4 nights.  So, anyway, we rented UP on pay per view and got a pizza and some ice cream and just lounged again.  It was so nice to spend those 3 days with him.  I can’t say it was like a second honeymoon, because we had kids with us, but it was still great!  I hated to leave him again.  I hated to go back to reality, but here I am.


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