South America – Day 35

Today is the hardest day of the week – Saturday.  There is no routine, no schedule, nothing to look forward to throughout the day.  I’m just left with screaming children, and mounds of housework.  I haven’t announced my new posts on facebook lately.  Consequently, no one has read what I have posted.  I guess that means I can say whatever I want, no holds bar, right?!  Well… maybe not. 

Derick called me this morning, before he went to bed.  He was up working all night.  It was the first real conversation I have had with him in two weeks.  I should be excited… no, I should be elated.  But, for some reason, I’m not.  I think it makes me miss him even more.  Believe me, I want him to call.  I want to talk to him everyday. 

Saturday evening – Today was a really hard day.  I think it was the hardest day so far.  And now that I am sitting down to write my blog, Brody is starting to squirm like he may want to eat.  That is indicative of how my day has gone today.  Its been one thing after another.  At one point I sat down in my room to feed Brody and about a minute later Aida came upstairs with no pants on and Allyn came up totally naked with peanut butter all over his hands and face.  Great!  That’s just what I want all over my bedroom.  It would go nicely with the marker and ink pen all over the walls the chair and ottoman, and the bedsheets!  If ever there was a day that I wanted to give up nursing, it was today.  Like I said, those are the kind of things that I was dealing with today. 

It seems to me, that sometimes… well most of the time, Aida and Allyn get in the most trouble while I’m nursing.  I think its because they know its harder for me to deal with them when Brody is attached to me and I’m married to my chair.  Aida likes to get on the top bunk and then tease Allyn because he’s too little to get up there.  She likes to jerk things ut of his hands just to make him cry or maybe hit him in the head with some random object.  If the two of them are playing nicely that may involve finding their own snacks.  Basically, get in the fridge and eat whatever you want as fast as you can so that mom doesn’t find out.  Then forget about eating dinner, we’ve had snacks already.  If they do happen to stay close to me while I’m nursing its usually up in my room and they are either coloring or watching a movie.  That is, if they aren’t crawling on top of me and Brody.  Coloring doesn’t necessarily mean in the coloring book.  It could be on the floor, or on my chair, or on my bed or on the wall.  And watching a movie doesn’t mean sitting nicely with their eyes glued to the TV.  It means jumping on the bed and screaming while I am trying to watch the movie and trying to kiss and hug Brody.  Today was especially rough.  And it didn’t help that I had appointments everyday this week which means no time to clean up after ourselves.  So, my house is a disaster!

I have so many people volunteer their services during the week, like when kids are in school.  But Saturday is really the hardest day.  And who wants to give up their Saturdays to “care for the orphans and the widow”.  I know we aren’t really orphans and a widow.  There are just some days that I feel so helpless.  I can think of all these things that need to be done and most days I don’t even come close.  And by the time the kids are in bed, I don’t want to even think about house work.  I just want to talk to Derick if I can and go to bed.  Writing my blog is just a bonus most of the time.  I am so glad today’s over.  My one hope is that Brody sleeps through the night.  He slept 8 1/2 hours last night!!  It was very refreshing! 

Derick, if you do read this… I love you, baby!  I can’t wait to see you in 5 days!!  I can’t believe you’ve been gone for a month and a half!  The kids and I pray for you everyday!


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