South America – Day 33

Its official.  Aida is coming with me to California.  I talked booked her plane ticket today.  I hope this is the right decision.  I’m a little apprehensive about it.  I’m not sure why.  I know, I know.  It won’t be the same kind of vacation as it would be alone.  But, I’ll have Brody with me, so we really won’t be alone anyway.  We leave a week from today.  I told Derick he’s not allowed to read my blog posts right now.  I think I want it to be a suprise.  I thought about making it a suprise for Aida too, but I caved and told her.  When I got my debit card out to pay for the ticket, she thought the card WAS the ticket, and she wanted to hold it.  Then she kept telling me it was time to go to California.  So I showed her on the calendar that we still have another week before we leave.  She is about as excited as I am.

Tonight I went to the Peoria Christian School Fall Banquet.  I realied tonight that it was exactly 20 years ago that I started there as a seventh grader.  My parents have been paying tuition for 20 years!  That’s like a house… they could have paid for a house with that.  But, I have to thank God that they didn’t.  They sent us to school at PCS instead.  I loved going to school there.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I still have a sister there and now my son is there.  God really wanted Christian at this school this year.  He just paved the way, at the very last minute for him to go.  Derick and I didn’t see how it would ever work.  But God, in his perfect will and perfect timing, just worked everything out that needed worked out. 

 The banquet is always a great time to hear testimonies and hear the vision for the school.  This year the administrator talked about an award that the elementary school won.  It was the “No Child Left Behind” award.  Con. Aaron Schock presented the award.  It was chosen based on the schools standardized test scores.  Fifty school nationwide received this award, out of a pool of 27,000.  While I didn’t go to elementary school there it still makes me proud to say that I graduated from PCS.  And, I am proud to say that my son is a student there.


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