South America – Day 29

What a start to yesterday!  It was a good day, but the start rivals the day before.  Christian woke up saying that he felt sick.  And before I knew it he was in the bathroom throwing up.  *sigh*  So, we couldn’t go to church again.  I hate missing church.  I feel like I get re-fueled, so to speak.  Like, if I can just get a little encouragement from going to church, maybe I can make it through the week.  So, we basically did nothing all day yesterday.  We watched The Parent Trap and we watched most of the Bears vs Steelers game.  And I spent most of the morning and early afternoon on the internet and on the phone trying to make finalize my plans to visit Derick. 

I’m having some trouble with certain parts of my vacation.  Mainly, its how I’m gonna get from the airport to the hotel and back again.  Here is my dilema.  In order to have the most amount of time with Derick and the least amount of time that I require a babysitter, I am flying out of Peoria at 2:oopm on Thursday and getting to Oxnard, CA at 11:17pm.  Then I am leaving Oxnard on Monday morning at 6:47am.  That way I can have all 3 days of Derick’s free time with him, and the babysitter only has to spend 4 nights at my house instead of 6.  (Which, by the way, I am so thankful for Katie and Andy to volunteer to stay with Aida and Allyn!!  I pray often for a special blessing on them for their willingness to help me out so much!)  Anyway, the airport, including the car rental counters are basically closed at that time of day (night) and they don’t offer after hours rentals at that location.  The hotels that I have checked with, one in particular where I really want to stay, don’t offer shuttle services at all.  So, I was given the name of a general shuttle service, but its $36 round trip.  Plus, I have to provide my own carseat for my 2 month old baby that will be with me.  So, I called the airline to find out how much it will cost me to take my carseat.  Checked bags are $20 for the first one and $30 for the second.  But, for a carseat, I can take it on the plane with me and put Brody in it if there is an open seat.  If there is not, the attendant will check it for me at the gate.  I have 2 lay-overs, though, so I don’t think I want to try to carry my carry-on, my baby, and a carseat through 4 airports, 2 of which being ORD and LAX!  I think I’d rather pay the $30 to have it checked as soon as I get to Peoria Airport.  Wow, what a long explaination. 

I think I’m gonna check my carseat, and call the shuttle service to take me to my hotel.  I really want to stay at the Embassy Suites (only 2 1/2 miles from the airport) but I didn’t want to book a room until I had the ride situation worked out.  Then I’m gonna let Derick rent a car and come pick me up at the hotel on Friday, and drop me off Sunday night.  I just don’t see any other way to do it. 

I found out yesterday in the midst of my research, that we can rent bikes in Oxnard to ride around the town or on the beach.  If I wasn’t taking Brody with me, we would be all over the bikes!!  I miss riding so much!  I feel so out of shape!  I need to get back on it and build myself up again so that I can ride with my friends and actually keep up with them.  I’m just too chicken to go ride by myself.  I guess I could take it to my parent’s house and ride around their neighborhood.  That seems a little less threatening.  Or I could go to Rod and Anna’s house in Chillicothe to ride.  Anna wouldn’t mind going slow… and short distances… and slow.  I’m so starting from scratch!  I’d like to be in decent shape when Derick gets back from South America so that when we ride together I could at least pretend to keep up with him.  I think that’s gonna take a lot of work, and once again, I would need a babysitter.  My sister is supposed to move in this month.  Maybe I’ll be able to at least go for walks in the afternoon a couple of times a week with her here. 

I’ve been thinking about what I can do to get in shape.  I think if I did a little strength training about twice a week and went walking/running twice a week, that would be a good start.  And as far as food, I thought I should limit my sugar.  I’ve heard that most people gain weight, not because of the fat that they eat, but because of the sugar.  Everything has sugar in it.  And, I need to drink more water.  And, no snacking.  I need to just find something to do to stay busy, and the snacking won’t be a problem.  Well, so far, I’ve done terribly.  I really can’t even keep the sugary foods in the house, or that’s all I want to eat.  Christian, though, asks after every meal, what’s for dessert. I think its because we had dessert a lot while I was pregnant.  Well, maybe since I wrote about it, now I’m accountable and I’ll do a little better.



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  1. Chris Watson

    Hi Leslie. I wanted to let you know that FAA regulations do not allow airlines to charge for checking a car seat. We flew for our vacation last week and I can confirm this is true. We checked a booster seat for Brenden both ways and it was free (but our other bags were $20 each). Hope this helps.

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