South America – Day 26

Yes, I know… I skipped yesterday.  I started actually doing my Bible Study lessons yesterday.  The study is about Esther and destiny and each week there are 5 days worth of lessons to do.  Lately, I have been getting up with Brody early in the morning and staying up.  When he was waking up once or twice in the night, I put him back to bed after his breakfast (about 5am) and I went back to bed too.  The last two mornings since I started this study, Brody has wanted to eat in the middle of the night.  Which makes me want to sleep in the next morning.  But, I didn’t.  I got up and did the study.  This morning my kids each woke up at different times while I was trying to get it done.  This afternoon my friend, Kathy, took Aida and Allyn to the park and to McDonald’s.  Brody was supposed to be sleeping.  So, I made myself some coffee and sat down to do a little more of the study.  Brody woke up about every 15 minutes.  He would fuss for about 5 minutes and then go back to sleep.  I’m not sure how long he did that, but he didn’t get his really long afternoon nap today.  Thus, he was really fussy tonight.  I layed him down after he fell asleep in my arms and he hasn’t even stirred yet.  Usually I would feed him again at 9 or so, but I think I’m just gonna let him sleep and see what happens.  Anyway, about my study.  I have decided that I think God has something for me to learn with this because everytime I sit down to do it, some kind of interruption comes.  

Last night I went to my In-Law’s house to give Bonnie a couple of things.  I took the kids with my but I made them stay in the car because Allyn still has a snotty nose, and Bonnie’s immune system is really weak.  She came out to the car to say hi through the window.  Well, its a good thing I didn’t take them in because 3 of the 4 were acting sick today and 1 had a fever.  My kids never get sick like this.  Derick has been gone for less than a month and this is the second time we have dealt with illness.  I’m beginning to think that Satan (along with not wanting me to do my study) doesn’t want me at my in-laws house, because every time I go, I pray over her and ask God for healing.  If my kids are sick then I can’t go.  So, all I can say is All Glory to my God and King!  Bring it on.  I want my in-laws to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ! 

Tonight was rather exhausting with sick kids and no husband.  I think the nights that they are healthy and fighting are actually harder that sick and whiney!  So, I ordered Chinese take-out for dinner, cuz Brody wouldn’t let me put him down.  Christian wolfed his down.  Aida went back and forth.  She wanted to eat then she didn’t then she did… Allyn didn’t want to get up from his nap first, and when he did he wasn’t in the mood to eat.  That is, til I gave him Children’s Motrin!  That kicked the fever and brought back his appetite!  He went to bed pretty much as soon as he was done eating.  Hopefully, he won’t get sick on the rice! 

So, goodnight world.  Its not late yet, but I would like to get some sleep before Brody wants to eat again.


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