South America – Day 24

Today was an extraordinary day.  God provided for me again.  Why do I ever doubt?  Why do I ever start to lose hope?  I think in this situation, I really believed God would provide for my needs, my bills, and food and things like that.  I know that he cares about our desires, but in my finite mind I still wonder if he will provide for the those things that I want, but will still survive if I don’t have them.  In know that I will survive the next 4 1/2 months if I don’t see Derick in October, but I don’t want to.  And I know that Derick is desparate to see me.  If I have free time… wait… I don’t have free time.  But, when Derick has free time, he is alone, or at least, alone without me and the kids.  He has time to sit and think about what he is missing at home.  So, in a sense, he really does NEED this weekend vacation. 

So anyway, a friend of mine came up to me after Bible Study today.  She handed me an envelope and said I just remember you telling a story that your grandpa used to tell.  If you are hungry and I have 2 sandwiches, I don’t have to pray that you won’t be hungry anymore.  I can just give you a sandwich.  Then she said that God has blesses her and her husband with more than enough, so she wanted to give me a gift to use where ever I had need.  I cried when she gave it to me.  I had no idea what was in the envelope at that point.  But it was enough to buy a plane ticket, and pay all my bills for this month except my mortgage.  But, I have no doubt that God will provide enough for that one too. 

I’m so excited to see Derick!!  I can’t even tell him about it for 2 weeks!  That’s ok.  When I do finally get to talk to him about it, it will only be a few days away!  I may dream about Derick tonight! 🙂

Our Bible Study this symester is on destiny.  I have been getting that a lot in my own quiet time with God.  Nothing in my life has happened by chance.  Especially things that have happened in the last 5 years.  God has been preparing Derick and I for our destiny.  I don’t know what that is yet, but I know He has a plan!  God had a plan for Esther in the Bible.  He made her queen “for such a time as this.”  She single handedly saved her people from certain death, simply because God put her in the position to do so and she was obedient.  I am so excited about this Bible Study!  I’m was excited about the adult time before, now I am excited about the study too.


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