South America – Day 17

Today was Coffee Tuesday.  My sisters (and Chad) come to my house for coffee and to visit.  But, today was the last one for a while.  Next week I get to start going to Bible Study again.  I’m really excited!  I have been looking forward to this for months!  Even when I was teaching a study I was looking forward to the fall, when I could just sit and learn. 

My family came over today.  Everyone, in different stages.  Carrie and Rachel came this morning for coffee.  Kendra came at about noon.  I was just getting out of the (now working) shower in my master bathroom and I heard someone knocking on the bathroom door.  It was Kendra, and she came upstairs to tell me that someone was at my house and they had food so she assumed that this person was from my church.  She was right but it sounded funny, that she let them in my house not knowing who it was.  Katie (the girl from my church that came to my house with food) actually came to babysit my middle children while I took Brody to his one month checkup.  Everything looks good there.  Everything went well at home from what it sounded like. 

My parents came over this evening, but not before my kids had all tried my patience.  I was about to reach the end of my rope when they finally got there.  Aida got in trouble a couple of times and she actually cried herself to sleep at the dinner table.  Allyn laid in his bed at about 8:00 but he didn’t fall asleep for about an hour or more.  The day really was a good day.  The kids made some messes, nothing that can’t be managed.  Sometimes its hard to watch my house get messy when my friends spent so much time getting it clean. 

I am so exhausted.  I think I’m gonna have to write more of this in the morning.

9-9-09 – As I finish my post, Allyn is trying to brush my hair.  Its rather cute, really, although occasionally he brushes it into my face and I can’t see what I’m writing.  Nothing really extraordianry happened yesterday.  Its just hard raising kids.  Its hard doing it alone.  I wish Derick was here sometimes, but I don’t think that would change how hard it is.  Every child brings their own challenges.  Christian seems, quite often, to be rather scatter-brained (not unlike his mother), and Aida can be extremely defiant (not unlike her father’s side of the family).  Sometimes, I’m just at a loss when it comes to dealing with the two of them.  Allyn is still, fortunately, pretty compliant, and obedient.  It makes me wonder what Brody will be like.  He is, right now, such a good baby.  I don’t think I would survive this time without Derick if he wasn’t a good baby. 

Well, enough for now.  Derick is supposed to call me on Skype pretty soon.


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