South America – Day 16

Today was really an exciting day!  I got my garage painted, my house really cleaned (not just picked up), my boys room trimmed, my laundry almost completely done, folded and put away, and my basement about half cleaned (half cleaned is a huge accomplishment).  I had 13 people here working on allof this stuff today.  And I had a babysitter so that I could be available where ever the help needed me.  I don’t think my house has ever been this clean since I have lived here.  That’s kind of embarassing to admit but its true.  I am so grateful to all of those people that came today.  I am so thankful to my friend, Diane, for organizing this!  What would I do without my wonderful church family.  I have had one person after another, freely give of their time, energy, talents and money to make sure that my children and I are doing well while Derick is away.  I don’t know why I ever get upset and question God.  As soon as I do, I have days like today that are absolutely unbelievable! 

So, tonight I had another friend make dinner for me and my kids.  After we were done, I cleaned it up, and told the kids to get ready for bed.  My goodness, it is way harder to teach the kids to clean up after themselves.  I had to point out the same things over and over again for them to pick up ad put away.  We picked up the toys in the basement, the worn clothes in the bathroom and put things back where they belong.  Finally we made it.  I have coffee on Tuesdays with my sisters at my house.  I just wanted it to look this way in the morning so they can see it.  What a blessing.  And how exciting to wake up in the morning with it still clean!  Praise God!


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