South America Day 15

This is Derick again.. I am just about to hang up with Leslie on Skype ( – what a wonderful thing!  I’ll be able to talk to her and see her (if I have a good internet connection) no matter where in the world I am!  It’s nice that she and I can wind down from the day and chat and see eachother.

Now Leslie’s in bed, and I’m still up – it’s 11 here, 1 at home.. sorry I kept  you up so late, baby 🙂  This will be a bit shorter, as I need to get to bed, too.  Not too much is going on at the moment – we did move to new barracks yesterday, and I had a late watch last night – 0000 to 0400 – pretty hard to stay awake at the end, especially since I didn’t get to rest before watch.  I did get to sleep for about 5 hours after I got back to my room, though.

Well.. I’ll have to close here.. maybe I can write more next time, and have more to write about.  This week all we’re doing is likely getting ready for FTX, and not much else.  We’ll go in the gas chamber on Friday, too.

Thank you to all of you that have prayed for and supported my family – a special thank you to those that are coming to our house tomorrow to do work – we appreciate more than you can know!

Good night all!


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