South America – Day 13

What a day!  Its amazing how being sick makes everything seem bad.  Well, not bad, really.  It just makes me miss Derick that much more.  Not to mention, my anniversary is tomorrow.  For a while we had planned to take our family to New York City this weekend.  We have a tradition of going to a Chicago Cubs game for our anniversary every year.  Last year we went to Cincinnati, OH to watch them play the Reds.  It was while we were in Cincinnati that we decided that we wanted to set aside time and money every year to go see the Cubs where ever they were playing on September 5.  Wouldn’t you know it… the first year after we make that decision, they have to play in one place that I really have no desire to go: New York City, against the Mets.  But, Derick has family in New York, specifically on Long Island.  So, we looked into it and decided that it was feasible if we didn’t have to rent a car and just took public transportation where ever we went.  We thought we could take the kids and spend a day at his family’s beach house, spend a day sight seeing and then leave the kids with his family and go to the game one day.  And, plane tickets were cheap enough that it was in our best interest to fly.  Well, things kept getting tighter and tighter financially and before we knew it the money just wasn’t there.  Little did we know that would actually be a blessing, since now he is literally on the other side of the country.  I’ll have to watch the game tomorrow, for nostalgia, I guess.  It’d be nice if I could go someplace and watch it on TV.  I don’t have cable at my house.  Its on Comcast Sports Network.  Maybe my sister, Carrie has that channel.  I’ll have to ask her. 

Life never turns out like you plan though.  Not only did we not plan on running out of money, but we didn’t plan on him going overseas til the first of next year, nor did we plan on his mom getting sick.  We didn’t plan on him losing his job, either.  We, technically, didn’t plan on having another baby either, but I guess in all those things, God had other plans.  That’s ok.  God’s plans are always better than mine… even if it is painful sometimes.  (Like being seperated from Derick on a day like tomorrow.) 

Derick is a better man than I could have ever dreamed of marrying.  He is such an answer to prayer!  We have a perfect life as far as I’m concerned!  We have the most beautiful children.  We had a great dog, he was just too much of a dog for me. 🙂  We both still have both of our parents.  And they still have good relationships with each other.  We own a great house in a great neighborhood.  We drive a beater van that we don’t owe anything for.  We go to the most amazing church, that has gone above and beyond anything that I would have ever dreamed in order to support us when things seem to be more difficult than they have ever been.  And we have a great relationship.  I could not possibly have asked for anyone better!  Plus… he’s the best looking man on the planet, especially in his Navy uniform!  Wow! 😉  I am truly blessed to call him my husband! 

Tomorrow is a day worth celebrating even if we have to do it while we’re 2,000 miles apart.  I really hope I get to visit him in October.  How special that weekend would be!  There is no feeling like being reunited after such a long time apart!  It is magical!  And, how great for him to get to see Brody again! 

Well, its getting late, and I still feel sick.  So, good night, my love!  I’m sure I’ll dream about you.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a webcam and microphone as an anniversary present to myself so that we can chat face to face.  I love you more that words can describe!


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