South America – Day 12

I was soooo tired last night, and its no wonder.  I woke up with a sore throat, and pounding headache in the middle of the night, and again this morning.  I’ve been dragging myself through the day but believing that God will heal me by Sunday so that I can visit my inlaws again.  Bonnie’s immune system is too weak to have anyone around that’s not totally healthy.

Yesterday was a good day, and today too, for that matter.  Yesterday, I spent the day with friends.  Today my mom and my sister came over to help me try to make progress in cleaning and organizing my house.  I think we actually made some headway.  Back to yesterday though.  A new friend came for lunch.  I don’t know her very well, but it was nice to visit and start to get to know each other.  Then another friend came with her family and took me and my kids out for dinner.  I almost wish my outings with my friends had been today and my cleaning day had been yesterday, just because my house looks so much better today.  But, maybe they’ll come back in time to see the house while it is still clean.   

Carrie is really good at helping with cleaning and just knowing what to do.  I can do that when I am forced to, but she just has a natural talent for it.  So, now my bedroom is clean, Aida’s room is clean, my boy’s room is clean and the living room is half clean.  We have removed all the furniture fromt the living room that doesn’t belong there and brought in most of the furniture that does.  It is actually beginning to look like a real living room!  It makes me want to sit on the couch and watch a movie with my kids.  Aida’s room is decorated all girly-like.  And my friend, Anna, came and painted her closet doors tonight.  They are so cute!  I’m sure when Aida wakes up in the morning, she will love it!  The boys room still has work that needs to be done, but at least it looks like a boys room!

I sent Derick a package today.  I wish I could have sent it sooner but I didn’t have the money.  It was just some random things that I thought he would appreciate it.  Sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, Bible… just random, but useful.  I got an unexpected direct deposit into my checking account today (Praise the Lord!!) so I decided to go ahead and mail the stuff.  I really wanted him to get his sunglasses before the field exercise that he has to do, but I’m not sure if it will or not. 

Oh… it was so nice to have an emotionally uneventful day today.  One of my really good friends called me today.  We hadn’t talked to each other in ages!  It was really great to reconnect and tell her of all our adventures in the last 2 months.  Wow, what a ride this year has been!  And its only 2/3 the way done!  Well, I think I’m gonna end my emotionally uneventful day right here and have a peaceful nights sleep!  Good night, everyone! 🙂


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