South America Day 11

This is Derick writing on behalf of Leslie.  Leslie was really tired tonight, so I agreed to write on her behalf, as many have been asking what I am up to, or what I am doing.  I will give a synopsis of what has been going on, and go from there..

As many of you know, I have been in Port Hueneme, CA for 11 days now.  Port Hueneme is about 1.5 hours North of Los Angeles, along the coast.  It’s a deep water port, so the Navy base actually make a good living as a customs port, bringing in a lot of cars from overseas.  The base is relatively small, only a few square miles.  We went on a detachment run on Friday, and we went about 4 mi., which covered a lot of the base.  I’m staying currently at what is called NMPS – or in-processing, for those getting ready to be mobilized.  The facility we are in is really very nice – we have a game room with ping-pong, air hockey, darts, pool, Xbox, and a big screen, and we have a computer room with several PCs, more Xbox’s, another big screen, and a gaming table.  There is also free wireless internet, which is very nice.

Last week was relatively uneventful – we were in meetings, filling out paperwork, or getting gear issued, most of the week.  We also went to medical and dental early in the week, both of which I thankfully checked out OK with no issues.  Starting this week, we have been starting to get ready for our Battalion’s FTX (field training excercise) while will be at Ft. Hunter Liggett (sp?), which is about 2 hrs north of here, in the mountains of central California. 

 The group I was tasked with has been studying for a required Seabee Combat skills test most of the week, until today – some of us went to the “Alpha” yard (heavy equipment) to start getting our equipment ready for FTX.  I was able to drive a large MTVR (tractor-trailor), which was a first for me.  Kind of makes we want to get my CDL when I get home.

Later this week, maybe Saturday, we are supposed to move to different quarters.  We’re not really sure what kind of amenities we will have, but hopefully we will at least have internet so I can chat with Les and keep updated on what’s going on.  We’ll be there for probably a week, and then we will go to FTX for 2+ weeks.  We will then come back here till likely mid October, and then finally get to Cuba in late October.  We have not heard official word when I’ll be coming home, so hopefully it will be sooner than later. 

Please continue to pray especially for Leslie and the kids as I am gone – I know that it has been especially hard on Aida :-(.  I would also covet your prayers, as, as one could imagine, there are several “rough” individuals in my unit.  Pray that I’d be able to be a positive influence on them, and, when I’m given the opportunity, to share Christ with them.

Thank you all again for all your prayers, and all the help, support, and encouragement that you’ve been giving my family.

Good night, all!


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