South America – Day 9

I just read my post from yesterday and I can tell that I must have been really tired when I wrote it.  It sounds like a 12-year-old wrote it!  Well, like I said yesterday, I am completely overwhelmed at how my church family is so willing to help us.  I have had so many people ask what they can do to help!!  A lot of the time I just don’t know what to say.  I think I get a blank stare across my face when people ask because a.) I’m not used to this kind of generosity from anyone except maybe my family, b.) I’m probaby thinking about how my house looks and if someone is going to come and help me do cleaning or babysit for me, I’m gonna have to swallow my pride and accept the fact that I just can’t keep up by myself all the time, and c.) I’m completely blown away by watching how God leads his people to help others.  And, how God never seems to provide for someone in the same way twice.  What an awesome and creative God we serve! 

I had 2 helpers today.  One friend went grocery shopping with me.  It was an adventure.  Aida had a total meltdown in WalMart.  We had to take a trip to the bathroom at one point because she couldn’t calm down.  Of course, the entire store was staring at us.  And Brody decided that he was hungry about an hour before normal and then he pooped through his diaper.  Fortunately, I got him to calm down long enough to finish my shopping.  I think Allyn made it through the store without incident.  I used my wonderful WalMart giftcard that I got in the mail.  God helped it to stretch and I got enough groceries for the week plus some extra things, and I even got the oil changed in my car!  When all was said and done, I had $.34 left on my card.  Praise God for just enough!!

Then another friend came over and cleaned my kitchen and my bathroom.  I am so appreciative of that.  I know its a matter of swallowing my pride, but it feels weird to let someone else clean my house for me.  But, sometimes even getting the toilet clean and the dishes washed seems like an impossible task.  Oh, plus she brought us some muffins and some barbeque for dinner tonight. 

Kendra came just to kill time before Chai Alpha prayer tonight.  That occupied the kids for about an hour.  After that, it occured to me that I should have a regular routine for the kids to follow at night.  Maybe a weekly routine.  Christian said he wanted Friday nights to be movie nights, and I suggested Wednesday nights we could write to dad.  I need to think of other things to do on the other nights.  The problem is that it can’t be too complex because Allyn likes to get into things, stop movies in the middle, move pieces on a board game, etc.  On Tuesdays, my parents have been coming over to mow the lawn and tak out the trash.  Sunday’s we decided we would go see Bill and Bonnie.  That leaves 3 nights.  I think Christian said something about reading Eragon on Monday nights.  (That is Christian’s book series of choice right now.)

Tomorrow I have friends coming to have coffee in the morning and another friend coming to have lunch.  I’m looking forward to that.  Derick and I actally had a conversation before he left about my desire to get to know more people in Tremont and make some really good friends.  I told him that it would be nice to live there, but even if we can’t for a while, it would be nice to have someone that I felt like I could just call up and chat with and they felt comfortable enough with me to do the same.  I’d also like to continue to be good friends with these people after Derick comes home.  I don’t want to get my husband back and then forget about my friends that I have made.  So far things have been going well.  Of couse it is only day 9.  Let’s hope that it continues to go so well!


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