South America – Day 7

So, I can already tell this is gonna be a short post.  I went to my parent’s house tonight and didn’t leave til 10:30.  Then when I came home I had to clean up the legos on my bedroom floor and put the sheets on my bed.  (It feels so good to have fresh clean sheets, though!)  Then Derick called and we talked for about 20 minutes.  Now I’ve sat here for a half hour and I’m done winding down and I’m ready to go to sleep. 

I’ll do my best to write, though.  If I sound a little goofy, just know that its because I’m falling asleep.  The thought today, of what my family is going to eat this week, had not even crossed my mind.  I hadn’t even entertained the possibility that we might go hungry one day before Derick gets his first paycheck.  That is how well I have seen God provide for us over the last month, and today was no different.  I worked on cleaning my room today.  (If you read yesterday’s entry, you can safely assume that you can’t really tell that I worked on cleaning my room today.)  After having lunch with my kids and then putting them in bed to take a nap, I went to get the mail.  In the mail, I found a card with no return address and semi-recognizable handwriting.  I openned the card and on the inside it simply said, “Praying for you!” with no signature.  Then I openned the gift cards.  The first one was for Starbucks.  Then behind that one, in the envelope, I noticed another one.  I pulled it out and it was for Wal-Mart.  Both of the cards, especially Wal-Mart, far exceeded what I expected!  Now I can get a relaxing cup of coffee and go grocery shopping… maybe even by myself, if I can find someone to keep my kids for a couple of hours.  I was just elated!  Thank you Jesus, thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I had even decided that I wanted to start taking a Sunday dinner to my mother-in-law every Sunday.  I planned all week on calling them and never did.  I intended to tell her that I wanted to start next week.  I wanted to start this week but I had no groceries and no money.  But, praise God, he provided just what I needed.   I was also getting dangerously low on Allyn’s diapers and now I can get those too.  YAY, GOD!!  Maybe I’ll get him underwear, instead. 

The other thing that happened that was so great was that Jack found a new home.  My neighbor, Josh, is the one that called PAWS.  He felt really bad when he found out that Jack was my dog.  He told PAWS that if no one claims him that he would be interested in adopting him.  So, I after I picked up Jack, I walked to his house and asked him if he was still interested.  He said it was for his in-laws and he would call them and let me know.  Today the in-laws came to meet Jack and I found out that they lab they used to have, is from Steve Thompson, a minister at my church, who also happens to be the mother-in-law’s boss at Easter Seals.  Its a small world!  Anyway, to make a long story short, they took Jack home with them.  I am now dogless, but that is fine with me.  Actually, I’m quite excited about it!  Although, the house does seem a little empty without him, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.   

What a good God I serve!  These have been hard times with Derick being gone and with his mom being sick and with all the financial struggles we have had, but God is with me and things will get better!  He will always provide just what I need for that day!!


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