South America – Day 5

Today we found Jack, brought him home and we may have even found a new home for him.  This morning I decided to go to my parent’s house to help my sister pack her stuff to move in with me.  We didn’t get any packing done.  We just hung out for a while instead.  We watched “Race to Witch Mountain” even though we have both seen it already.  I think Dwayne Johnson is hysterical in that movie.  Anyway, my mom called me while I was getting ready to leave and said that PAWS had Jack.  But, it would cost $85 to get him back.  Well, I’m broke so I don’t have an extra $85 right now.  So, my parents shelled out the cash to get him back, I think because they felt sorry for me.  Fortunately Jack was current on his shots, so I didn’t get a fine for that. 

Anyway, the people that called animal control were actually neighbors across the street from us, about 4 houses down.  I knew who they were because about the time Derick and I bought our house, they were getting married and I did her hair for their wedding.  Plus, Caleb cuts his hair on occasion so they had a general idea who I was too.  Well, when I told him that Jack was my husband’s dog, he felt really bad for calling PAWS.  He said he was sure that he knew all of the dogs on the street.  (I guess we should have taken Jack for more walks in our neighborhood!)  Well, to make a long story short, I notice on the paperwork at PAWS that the person who turned him in lived on our street and was interested in adopting him if he wasn’t claimed.  So, I went to their house and asked them if they are really interested.  They said it was actually for her parents, and they would find out from them and then call me tomorrow.  I hope this works out.  Its just too big of a job to keep the dog with all 4 kids.  Maybe when they are older and can have some sort of responsibility in raising it. 

Two people from my church brought us meals tonight.  This is just overwhelming, what people are doing for me.  I had a home visit from the Health Department last week.  She was asking questions, just making sure that I had everything I need, i.e. clothes, food, money.  It felt so good to say that my church is taking care of everything.   I have always felt like that is one of the roles of the church, to, at the very least, provide for its own.  It is not the governments responsibility to provide the basics for us.  Someday, I want to know what it is like not to live in want.  I want to be the one from my church that can help people out when things get really tight financially, or otherwise.   

Ok, I’m starting to doze so I think this will be a short entry tonight.


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