South America – Day 3

My kids are sleeping again, and again, I should be too, but I’m not.  This time they are down for the night.  Hopefully Brody will give me a good night’s sleep like he did  last night!  5 hours in a row!!  I was so excited!  So, if its 10:45 right now, maybe he’ll let me sleep til almost 4.  That would be so great!

I am amazed at how God works sometimes.  I have always liked the passage in the Bible, Matthew 6:25-34.  Basically it says don’t worry about anything.  Don’t worry about food, clothes, money, and especially don’t worry about tomorrow.  Let tomorrow worry about itself.  For some reason those verses have kept coming back to me, ever since Derick lost his job at CAT.  And that is exactly how God has chosen to provide for us in this moment of crisis, by giving us just what we need.  Today, Christian wanted to go to the Peoria Christian Varsity Soccer game (I don’t really know why) so I was trying to decide what to make the kids for dinner.  I decided that peanut butter and honey would be good.  They all like it, its quick and easy so we could get to the game, and besides, I’m out of jelly.  But I don’t have any bread.  I have frozen buns that I guess would have worked.  Well, just as I was thinking that, Rachel showed up with a loaf of bread in her hands that she had made for me.  Suddenly we have bread for our sandwiches!  Also, today a friend called and wanted to bring us a meal.  She first said she would come on Thursday.  Thursday is fine (beggars can’t be choosers) but someone else is bringing food on Thursday, tomorrow would be better, but I didn’t say anything, except, “Thank you!”  Then she called back and said she would like to bring it tomorrow morning.  (YAY!!  Now we have dinner to eat tomorrow night!)  And one more example is our cable (internet) bill.  When we realized that it was behind, Derick called them and asked for an extension, due to our current circumstances.  Well, they gave us a week.  Saturday night it was supposed to get shut off.  Friday we received a baby gift with $25 in it, and Saturday morning I did hair for a wedding and made $100, so miraculously we had the money for the bill.  Each day I could give you another example of how God made sure we had enough just for that day, nothing more or less.  Its kind of like when the Israelites gathered manna.  They were only allowed to gather enough for that day and then trust God that he would provide again, the next day.

So, tonight we did go to the soccer game.  We stayed for the first half.  Apperantly, whenever one of the teams passes the other by 7 goals, the game is over.  Soon after we got there PCS was up 6-0.  So, they stopped trying to score and resorted to just kicking the ball around, like they were in practice.  Honestly, it kind of resembled when a cat catches a mouse and plays with it til it gets bored.  The cat was PCS and the mouse was Peoria Central High School.  It was almost cruel to watch PCS like we were just waiting for the “mouse” to die.  My dad says that Chris (my sister’s boyfriend), the goalie, needs a Maytag repair man shirt to wear.  Because the “machine” is so good, there is nothing fo him to do.  Anyway, we finally left just after the half because Christian wasn’t watching and Allyn kept wandering off.  One time I almost had a moment of panic because I didn’t see where he had gone and I couldn’t find him.  But, fortunately, he had just made some new friends.  I think that my kids know no stranger.  Its funny but can be scary too. 

Well, that’s all I’m gonna write about today.  I’m about to fall asleep.  Oh, yeah… Rachel and Kendra came over to have coffee with me this morning.  Tuesday’s are always pleasant with my sisters coming to visit.  And today was no exception! 

More to come tomorrow.


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