Another Drill Weekend

Its raining again this morning, and Derick is in Wisconsin.  That means I had to make my own coffee.  (Actually, he started swimming in the mornings a couple of weeks ago, so I make it for myself most mornings.)  This weekend was supposed to be the Navy Seabee Ball, but it was cancelled.  I was pretty bummed about that.  So instead, I’m home doing hair all weekend.  Derick’s drill is longer than normal this weekend.  He left yesterday afternoon on a bus to northern Wisconsin (FT. McCoy) and won’t be back until late Sunday night.  I don’t mind being alone for the weekend, but I do miss him a lot!!  And, he is getting promoted this weekend.  He is being promoted from a Constructionman to a 3rd class Petty Officer.  I’m not exactly sure what that means but I know its exciting for him.  He wants so much to really be involved with the Navy, not just to show up for drill once a month.  I’m so proud of his accomplishments like this. 

I think the kids have a harder time with him being gone, especially Aida.  I asked them last night what they would think if Dad went away for a few months again.  I told them he would be going to South America to drill wells so that people down there can have clean drinking water.  And I tried to explain to them that he does this not only for the protection of our family but for the protection of everyone in our country.  That’s why he enlisted, to serve.  I think Christian understood, but Aida was too close to dreamland to really comprehend what I was telling her.  Christian will really miss his Dad, and Aida too.  Fortunately, this time I will be able to explain it a little better to them, and they will understand better what is coming, since we have been through this before (sort of).  I think last time, especially Aida, had no idea that she wasn’t going to see her Daddy, except for one time, in 5 months.  She used to stand at the top of the stairs and call down to him, thinking that he was just downstairs working like normal.  It made me very sad!  I think I will know a little better how to prepare as well.  Last time I had a photo album of pictures of Derick for her.  I made it after he left, and it has since been destroyed (over use).  This time I think I will ask for Derick’s help and make it before he leaves.  Maybe I can make one for each of the kids.  I also have pictures of him in uniform hanging around the house now, so he’s not leaving with no sign of where he is and what he is doing.  (I’m not very good at decorating my house, so getting those pictures on the wall was a big deal!)

Well this is my problem with blogs, I guess… I don’t know how to close.  Is this an essay, and am I supposed to have a conclusion?  Is this just a journal that happens to be public so I can end it however I want?  I’m not sure, so I guess… until next time…


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